TCS(Tsubamex Connected System)

Gather everyone's technological strength to form a unified tide
Connect to the world from our base in Tsubame-Sanjo

As a member of Sunstar Group, TSUBAMEX aims to create new value that we can share with the world from our base in Tsubame-Sanjo.
TSUBAMEX will be a hub for creating new Industrial Business and new Consumer Business in next generation.

We are a Member of Sunstar Group.

As a member of the Group, we have an image of the future.

corporate motto

Fundamental Management Principles

  • Be passionately consumer‐focused
  • Ceaselessly pursue the most advanced technologies, highest product quality and most competitive cost
  • Build a sound, resilient business structure
  • Drive future growth by applying a global business perspective
  • Nurture human resources to their fullest potential
  • Work to achieve business goals united as one global team

Guiding Principles for Employees

  • Boldly approach your work with a strong sense of mission
  • Perform your work with a positive attitude, acting respectfully and professionally at all times
  • Strive to study continuously to strengthen your abilities and broaden your knowledge
  • Act with a challenging spirit and cultivate your creative power
  • Work together in the spirit of harmony and cooperation
  • Trust others and earn their trust
  • Endeavor to improve your health and overall wellness
  • Value the support you receive from others and reciprocate with gratitude

Based on our corporate motto “Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life”, Sunstar Group has been attentive and responsive to the varied needs and expectations of people around the world.

As a member of Sunstar Group who acts both at the local level and on a global scale, continues to effectively engage new business opportunities, innovates current technologies, provides the highest product quality, and supports social responsibility initiatives around the world, TSUBAMEX took a new step.

Society has changed dramatically, and more and more people around the world wish to stay healthy and enjoy comfortable living. To translate this idea into a reality, TSUBAMEX intends to use one of the greatest manufacturing technologies in the world that we have cultivated for more than half a century, while firmly recognizing the importance of the corporate motto in this situation.

By combining the DNA of Sunstar and that of TSUBAMEX—a group of engineers who have supported monozukuri in Japan, TSUBAMEX aims to further promote health and improve the quality of life on a global scale.
That is the image of the future we have as a member of Sunstar Group.

TSUBAMEX-style Digital Transformation (DX)

The manufacturing support system that TSUBAMEX created received attention on the Japanese Government's 2020 manufacturing industry report.

TSUBAMEX introduced the 3D CAD/CAM system for the first time in the mold industry in 1982.
In 1993, we built a system to serve as the foundation of IoT and began collecting data on performance.

In 1998, we completed the 3D design support system for all designers to carry out 3D design.
(TADD: TSUBAMEX's original design support system built on the CATIA system)
TSUBAMEX used digital technology to transform its business processes to meet the market's need for "short delivery times."
TSUBAMEX implemented digital transformation through the systemization of strategies.
A merger between manufacturing and IT leads to our philosophy: "Let systems do what they can do, and let people take on creative work."

TSUBAMEX's digital transformation adapts to changes in society and enhances new manufacturing technology together with people who engage in creative work.

(Tsubamex Connected System)

TSUBAMEX aims to be an open platform as the manufacturing center of Tsubame-Sanjo.

TSUBAMEX's digital transformation technology is being developed into mass production processing technology.
It connects IoT data with production management systems and quickly responds to market changes.

We are deploying this technology across companies in Tsubame-Sanjo.
By sharing CAD designs and work performance by means of IoT and cooperating with each other under cloud technology, multiple machines, factories, and companies are flexibly connected on the basis of TSUBAMEX's DX technology.

We cross the boundaries of manufacturing sites, of organizations, and of companies.
This will enhance the value of all people involved and lead to a new society where manufacturing and IT are merged together.