As a member of Sunstar,
and as a member of TSUBAMEX

TSUBAMEX took a new step as a member of Sunstar Group.
From the globally-expanding group that is Sunstar, TSUBAMEX will improve its technical strengths for die manufacturing—an industry that has supported Japan as a technology-driven nation, while also designing and manufacturing metal parts and plastic molded parts. Based on our motto to further improve our technical strengths and unique way of thinking, we will work on new manufacturing through cutting-edge technology.

Corporate Philosophy

「Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life」
Corporate Philosophy
Always strive to help people

The spirit of Sunstar

The dream and mission of Sunstar is to broaden our global business success and operate as a single and highly respected global team.

Based on our corporate motto established in 1963 “Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life”, the Sunstar Group will continue to be attentive and responsive to the varied needs and expectations of our global consumers in order to achieve the dream and mission. Acting both at the local level and on a global scale, we have effectively engaged new business opportunities, innovated current technologies, provided the highest product quality, and supported social responsibility initiatives around the world.

The half century has passed since the corporate motto was established. Society has changed dramatically, and more and more people wish to stay healthy and enjoy comfortable living. Under the background of these changes, Sunstar's corporate motto becomes even more relevant, and TSUBAMEX is also expanding its business to achieve such a reality.

“Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life”

corporate motto

corporate motto

"Make every day a new one. Make the next day like no other."


Always take on new challenges with foreseeability. Let machines do what they can do, and let people take on creative work. On the basis of this concept, TSUBAMEX has created its our own Integrated management system with the TADD System (Tsubamex Auto Die Design System) as its core, predicting the new era of Connected Industries.

TSUBAMEX's engineers with confidence and passion always take on challenges that are seemingly impossible at times. We, TSUBAMEX, will continue to cultivate and pioneer the future of manufacturing.