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TSUBAMEX has always taken on new challenges with clear-sightedness.

Creed: Let machines do what they can do, and let people take on creative work.

On the basis of this creed which breathes through TSUBAMEX, we have created our own Integrated management system, in anticipation of the onset of the age of Connected Industries.

TSUBAMEX's technology is already the core of the true Industry 4.0.

As a member of Sunstar,
and as a member of TSUBAMEX

TSUBAMEX took a new step as a member of Sunstar Group.
From the globally-expanding group that is Sunstar, TSUBAMEX will improve its technical strengths for die manufacturing—an industry that has supported Japan as a technology-driven nation, while also designing and manufacturing metal parts and plastic molded parts. Based on our motto to further improve our technical strengths and unique way of thinking, we will work on new manufacturing through cutting-edge technology.


Design, Die manufacturing and Mass production
Solution to your project

We solve design, die manufacturing and mass production.
For example, die manufacturing for automobile side panels, press working up to 6 mm thick, 50t to 450t plastic molding.

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We promote cutting-edge manufacturing in an environment rich in nature.

Tsubamex is located in the Tsubamesanjo area. The area around it is rich in nature, where peaches, grapes, pears, and rice are produced.

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